7 secrets to Run Your best virtual Race part 2 – Podcast 124

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Do you have a virtual race coming up? Or are you thinking about running one?? Here’s how to show up and really run your best Race. This is part 2 in our series about virtual Races. If this’s your first time listening or you missed it – check out the previous episode for 7 steps to get ready for a virtual Race podcast 123. It’ll help you train and prepare for the distance.

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Today we’re talking about how to RUN YOUR best virtual RACE. and to get started – let’s warm up!

Sich warm laufen:
Since this is part 2 of the virtual Race series we’ll keep the warm up quick…
2 Dinge:

1. What are you training for? Chime in on this @RunEatRepeat Instagram post!
If you’re already registered and training for a race – please chime in on yesterday’s IG post with which race so everyone in the community can help support and encourage each other.

Bonus: It’ll help you stay accountable!!

2. changing my long Run Day!
I’ve chose to change my long run day to mid-week. This might seem like no big deal but, I’ve been running long on the weekends, typically Saturday for 10 years now. I feel like I’m so trained to have that as a long run day it’s going to make me dizzy and confused – like I have a sorta jet lag, but for running??

I’ve tried to change my long run to Fridays in the past and it never really stuck. but I’m giving it another try because with the COVID19 social distancing guidelines and restrictions – a lot of public parks and paths have been closed for months. now that they’re opening up and people have major quarantine fatigue – it seems like there are much more people out taking walks and on bikes on the weekends.

As someone who has run weekdays and weekends in the same areas I’m running now for years  – I’ve discovered there are a lot much more people out walking. Das finde ich super!

But, even though these places are open for activity we’re still expected to keep a physical distance of at least 6 feet. That’s in some cases impossible when there are a lot of people out. and there are a lot of different guidelines about face coverings depending on the area.

It seems like the most common guideline is – if you’ll be in a situation where other people will be closer than 6 feet from you – you ought to wear a mask. So I’d certainly rather avoid having to wear a mask to run if it’s safe to do so and running on a day that will have less people around is a good idea for me best now.
I’m not saying any of this to tell you how or when to run – do what’s best for you. and I realize not everyone can change up their long run day.

I have the freedom to switch this up because I work from home and don’t have a partner or kids to consider into this mix. I’m sharing this because I think it’s going to be sooooooo strange and I feel like I’m about to try and switch my routine in a way that’s going to feel like I’m trying to make myself nocturnal or something. I think I’m on the spectrum of some anxiety situation because change like this (or any change actually)  makes me very anxious. [1 minor example: I refused to go to my 8th grade graduation because I was having a complete meltdown about the change, even though 86% of my pals were going to HS with me.]

It’s weird, I know.

Luckily running helps me feel better…

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7 suggestions to RUN you best virtual Race

7 suggestions to RUN Your best virtual Race – You Can also listen to the suggestions on the Run eat Repeat Podcast episode 124.

And I created a checklist you can screenshot or print out – for an easy way to double check that you’re hitting every one.
This is part 2 in the podcast series about virtual races.

If you want the steps to get ready for a virtual race listen to the previous episode – Run eat Repeat Podcast 123

If you don’t know what a virtual Race is or just want much more info start here: What’s a virtual Race and how Do You Run One? 

How to Run your best virtual Race

1.Treat the race like a RACE. 

Your results are directly related to your hard work. We’re told over and over that running is 80% mindset and 20% physical training – so it’s essential that you think about it like an officially timed race. You have to respect the distance and do the work if yoy want to walk away knowing you really gave it your best effort. [Nimm das ernst. Prepare and Train like it’s a race. tell people about it. Mach die Arbeit.]

2. plan the Race – Day/Time and Route.

If possible – make it a route where the finish line is somewhere fun/note-able.  Be sure it’s the best distance and that it’s clear toLauf. check the elevation if necessary. Drive the route, run it or bike it if needed. once it’s all set – tell people about it. If your family or pals are typically spectators – share this with them and ask them to meet you at the finish (if possible) or check on you after.

Bonus: draw the finish line the night before with chalk.Plan out your race day route.

3. Prepare for Race Day head to toe.

Do all your typical pre-race rituals. lay out your clothes the night before. get your lucky charm. Do you typical pre-race routines. Do a visualization exercise. remind yourself of your positive mantras and all the training you’ve done.

4. create a Race Playlist.

If you don’t listen to music while running – a playlist to pump you up and get you thrilled while you’re getting ready can help too!

5. fuel Up Smart! Prepare your body to run it’s best race by giving it enough food and hydration leading up to the race. fuel yourself like an athlete. fuel your body to run strong and feel good. Make sure you’re eating and drinking what you need to have the best race both the night before and day of.

6. Bring hydration & fuel

Plan what you’re going to eat and drink during the race. Make sure you have it on hand. and plan out hydration and/or fuel stops along the route.

Since you’re running a virtual race – you won’t have the perk of aid stations like in conventional races. So you have to plan how/when/where you’ll get fuel and hydration. here are some suggestions on how to eat and drink during a virtual race.

Bonus: This suggestions also work for long training runs!

Virtual Race Hydration and fuel options:

Carrying everything you need. This probably requires a handheld water bottle, fuel belt or hydration pack and running fuel in your pockets or in the belt.

Carrying fuel and hydration and planning to refill along the route OR doing an out and back so you can stop back home or your automobile to refill.

Getting fuel and hydration along the way. plan and prep whatever you’re going to eat & drink to be ready and easy to get and go during a quick pit-stop. You may be able to do this by stopping back at home, your automobile or a neighbor’s house (give them the fuel before so you don’t just show up asking for a banana at 7am out of the blue). another option is to bring money and run into a store to purchase a drink and food (I suggest a slurpee from 7-11!! Go big.).


Gib dein Bestes. GIB DEIN BESTES. read that again and tell yourself over and over leading up to the race and during the race. You are here to do your best with what you have today.

Erscheinen. push yourself. No ‘do-overs’. This is the race you’ve been training for – give it everything you’ve got that day.

My favorite Running fuel Belts, Water-Bottles and Fuel:

Clif shot energy Gel – variety Pack

Clif shot blocks energy Chews – variety Pack

Margarita shot Blocks

Nathan Handheld Soft Flask 18oz 

Women’s Running Nathan Waistpack (fuel belt)

Men’s Running Nathan Waistpack

Today’s Awards:

1st Place: Watermelon. My #1 all time favorite food is in season and I’m purchasing all of them so this is your head’s up.

*If you haven’t seen it before… view my how to cut a Watermelon video – it’s very fast and easy!!

2nd Place: Scissors – they’re low-cost and I’ve chose to put them everywhere. ÜBERALL, ÜBERALLHIN, ALLERORTS.

3rd Place: soda Stream

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Danke fürs Zuhören! have a terrific one!

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