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Hello! considering that I was MIA from my computer all day yesterday I tried to get caught up on everything today. I worked until 3:30pm when my stomach told me to take a cereal break. When my stomach talks, I listen. Offensichtlich.

The cereal was delicious, but I needed some nut butter. PB&J crackers did the trick.
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And considering that I was having fun all Sunday I didn’t do Sunday set Up. someone asked what the heck Sunday set Up is anyways?

Basically, I roughly plan my meals and exercise for the week. I don’t always go grocery shopping on Sundays but I do make sure we have essentials.

And to help my life even a lot more I made Ben a enormous crockpot roast so I don’t have to cook again all week. He loves the roast, I love the crockpot.

I had roasted broccoli, a small piece of the roast to try it (eh) and a healthy frozen meal. It was some Thai Curry thing with brown rice and tofu.

Dinner Plan:

Me: Frozen meals because my freezer is overflowing.

Ben: Roast. He would be delighted to eat roast everyday for a month the way he raves about it.

Die Übung:

M: 4 and Yoga!

T: Speed

W: Strength

Th: Tempo

F: Zumba

Sat: LR


Last question of the evening – What is Child’s Pose? Siehe unten. You can choose to take this pose during class when you need a break.(image source)

This is me in my own personal child’s pose:

Kapiert? Kapiert?

Sende mir das Arbeitsbuch


Teilen ist Kümmern!







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