FUN RUN difficulty – picture A Day for Runners with @RunEatRepeat WEEK 1

Hello!! Wie geht’s? hope you’re having fun on the run with this month’s challenge! If you missed it – * get the October fun Run calendar here*.

Here’s a round up of the difficulty updates so far. I’m likewise sharing ideas as well as my running updates by means of video on Instagram story as well as YouTube. enjoy ’em on the social channel you prefer. as well as let me understand if you have any type of concerns for an upcoming episode.

FUN RUN difficulty – everyday recap articles Week 1

FUN RUN difficulty – calendar as well as Running Log (information publish & links to printables)

Fun Run difficulty – exactly how to Do the picture a Day difficulty on Instagram for Runners (with video explanation)

Fun Run difficulty Day 2 – Running shoes plus Running shoes TIPS!

Fun Run difficulty Day 3 – Seen on the Run

Fun Run difficulty Day 4 – rest Day Brags

Fun Run difficulty Day 5 – Run your path in reverse

Fun Run difficulty Day 5 – fun RUN difficulty Day 5 is…
Run your path in reverse.
See anything new or different?
Was it much easier or a lot more challenging?
Did it feel longer or shorter?
@runeatrepeat – I had a short 3 miler this morning as well as now I’m stretching.
Did you run today? Wie ist es gelaufen??

FUN RUN difficulty Week 2

Fun Run picture a Day Prompts – Day 5 to 10

Monday – Run Backwards as in go in the opposite direction. It doesn’t indicate run backwards! Please don’t run backwards. Bleib sicher!

Tuesday – stamina Workout, no devices needed! set your timer for 45 seconds as well as do each exercise on the calendar. focus on keeping appropriate form. rest if you have to as well as then begin once again up until the time is up. count exactly how lots of you do as well as compose it in your running log.

Rest between each exercise 1 minute.

Then, go onto to next one timing it, utilizing appropriate type as well as counting reps as pointed out above.

Wednesday – Greetings! Wave or state ‘Hi’ to other runners you see while running. keep in mind to preserve social distance as well as stay safe!

Thursday – S-T-R-E-T-C-H… set your timer for 10 minutes (or more) as well as stretch. spend additional time on any type of tight areas. Durchatmen. take pleasure in it!

Friday – flat Runner… set out your fave running attire from top to bottom as well as snap an overhead picture. Share it on social as well as identify @RunEatRepeat #RunEatRepeat

Saturday – treat Yourself! Share a photo of your present preferred treat! (I like to phone call it a success lap!)

How to participate:
Share a photo influenced by each picture a day timely on Instagram or Facebook as well as identify @RunEatRepeat as well as utilize the hashtag #RunEatRepeat 

If you still requirement the calendar as well as Running Log – get it by means of email here.

Make sure you’re complying with @RunEatRepeat on Instagram as well as chime in with your workout, run, rest, running questions, random thoughts on my everyday posts!

Stay accountable as well as motivated!

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